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Making lemonade out of all the lemons.

Spring Break!!

Yay its Spring Break i’m so happy no school no homework. Anyways I might not post everyday because ill be going places so yea. Anyways happy Easter!!




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My pets

Just so you know I have the most ridiculous pets in the world, my cats don’t even get me started on my cats. First of all there always jump off the wall going after bugs and they’ll also claw you for no reason. My dogs though there kinda normal, my puppy Betty is super bossy when we tell her no she always barks at us she won’t even sit down when we tell her too. My other dog on the hand is not so crazy (she’s also my favorite) she always listens to us she’ most the time just a regular dog. anyways this is the four of them.

evan 004          evan 035                  evan 003

evan 002



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I’m back!

Hey sorry i was gone so long hopefully i’ll get some new post up soon. And by the way I might not have a post up everyday because school and sometimes i might just forget so hopefully i’ll remember. Anyways bye.

truck drawing

P.S i’ll also be doing some more drawing’s. Also remember to go to my mom’s website SugarDishMe.

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Christmas is awesome!

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Fun In Science

I love science its so awesome my teachers name is Mrs.Mcdaneil she’s wonderful and she just knows how to teach kids she knows what we want to hear and what we dont want to hear. Like we’ve been learning about weather  and she finds such creative ways to teach us what we need to learn. But yo know she’s a teacher and no ones perfect so she gives a strike in Dojo every now and then but I like her and she’s my teacher so I can’t do anything about it. She teaches me almost everything so yea she’s pretty great. Anyways bye.

Morning work

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A day in social studys

My reading teacher is pretty awesome she not as fun as my mth teacher but shes pretty fantastic. She always is being kind and I like her teaching style I got say the newest thing we are learning is pretty boring. Also if you wana know her name is mrs.Ahern shes really awesome and does so many cool things and by the end of the year I think by the end of the year she’ll miss all of us. Anyways thats it bye.

nutella oreo ice box

P.S random picture I found.

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Hey I just thought it would cool to put up some of my best drawings so heres one of them.

truck drawing

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Three Day Weekend

Yay it’s the weekend no school no homework ,the weekend is just so awesome. But of course theres always a down side my mom makes me do the lawn and clean the house but you know it’s worth it because every time I do it I get five buck’s so yeah it’s worth it. Also i feel like pizza is getting more and more sauce in it it’sweird and I don’t like it. It’s also pretty lame when you can’t play video games when you want but im 10 i can’t just go changing the rules. Anyways that’s it bye.


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Im just making this post because I want to make a post everyday im bored so im making this post. Also tell me who ever has a cat do they climb up the side of your door or claw you for no reson because my cat does. Anyway if you have a blog maybe you could get me some veiws thankyou.my silly cat and a train

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Well my day at school is the same everyday I come in unload everything and do my morning work… but I wish some days I could just sit at my desk and read or talk with my friends and why does school food suck so much its like they don’t even try to cook it right, now I could just be saying this because my mom is a great cook but really my school lunch sucks so now I have a packed lunch everyday. I think it’s really funny when my friend asks why we have homework I always tell him that it’s to keep what we learned in our head. Also no one ever wants to do anything usally half the class is sharpening there pencils. I got to say I wish every teacher was like my math teacher mrs. Hoppes she is so awesome ,she’s kind but she will still give you a strike if your too roudy and she’s always playing all these cool games like today we played like math tic-tac-toe also she lets us talk with our friend’s. One thing I don’t like is that every pencil sharpener is broken so we just have to rummage through our book bags and hope we find one. Anyways thats it bye.pencil

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